Friday, July 11, 2008

Getting it done!

This is the longest continuous stretch of writing that I have been on. I am approaching two weeks now of writing something each day and I feel really good about the story I am building.

A lot of my struggle comes from process. How does one go about fabricating a compelling story out of thin air? There is no right or wrong way, only what works for you.

After reading countless screenwriting books, blogs and forums I have tried several different methods. All of them have some merits but they just weren’t working for me. So after trying and failing numerous times I arrived at my current scheme and things are moving along quite nicely. It is a good feeling to see progress on my story and most importantly feel good about how it’s shaping up and where it’s going.

This go round I started with a two page short story. I revised that a few times to get a good high level idea of the story I want to tell. I then took that and translated it into a beat sheet. Blake Snyder’s beat sheet to be exact. Love him or hate him I don’t really care. I can sit down with his template and go beat for beat with any successful film made to date. It works and I like it.

As I revise the beat sheet it turns into an outline. Still using the beat sheet framework I begin to add scene blocks under each beat header and add story notes and “trailer moments” I want to include but not sure where they go yet at the end. I think I am on my fourth revision and as you can tell excited about my progress. I hope to begin writing the actual script by the end of the weekend.

I am excited, motivated and can see the scenes in my minds eye. I am having fun.

Have a good weekend.


Wednesday, July 9, 2008


When my son brushes his teeth we have a little “two minute” hour glass timer that he flips over so he knows how long brush for. I walk into the bathroom last night and he is bent over the sink bucking like a mule and trying to brush at the same time. I ask the obvious question;

“What in the hell are you doing son?”

“I have to go to pee.”

“Put the toothbrush down and go!”

“I can’t, the timer is running.”

Mom came in and rescued us both but tipping the hourglass on its side to stop if from running. Way to go Mom!

Come to think of it I don’t think I’ve ever taken a whiz and brushed my teeth at the same time so I can’t blame the lad.