Tuesday, September 9, 2008

"...press one for English"

Fuck you!


Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Sweet... sweet pages.

Thirteen glorious pages completed over the long weekend!

Saturday was mostly spent watching football and checking out PAX. Sunday was a lot of sleeping and some gaming… but Monday I knocked that shit out.

I had a chance to run down some story points with a friend of mine over Thai food on Saturday. He liked the story points and said the story thus far was strong. He is pretty critical when it comes to sci-fi fantasy action stuff so coming from him that was a huge boost. I spent the next day or so visualizing the ending of the story and when Monday came around I banged it out.

It felt tremendously good but damn it wore me out. I guess expending that much brain power for that long takes its toll. Good think I engineer software for a living. Writing is easy… creating something from your mind out of thin air is an entirely exhausting process.

Go Ducks!

PAX was really cool. I had never been to a Gaming convention before and seeing all of the demo’s and even a few familiar faces from the videos and interviews online was cool. As fun as it was I doubt I will go again. $30 cover charge and huge crowds to see demo’s of stuff that I have seen on the internet isn’t going to draw me back.

Warhammer Online open beta begins this Sunday. WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAGH!

My goal is to get my first ever completed draft of a screen play done by September 21st… my birthday. I am well on my way and confident I will reach the milestone.

Go Seahawks!