Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Converstations with my son...

Wrestling with my son on the floor one day after work..

Son: The floor might feel a bit weird Dad, Mom vacuumed today.

My wife doesn’t wear heals a lot. She has a pair on for parents night out. She and my son are walking down a hallway.

Son: Oh Mommy, you’re a real woman now.
Mom: Why is that?
Son: Your shoes are making noise.

I am cooking breakfast Sunday morning. My son is chatting me up in the kitchen.

Son: Dad, where do eggs come from?
Me: Chickens.
Son: Where do Chickens come from?
Me: Eggs.
Son: If Chickens come from eggs and eggs come from Chickens--
Me: Go ask your mother.


Going well. Sci-Fi adventure is really clipping along. I have the story played out in my head for the most part. Last week I got my gang in a tough spot that I am trying to get them out of.

Football is around the corner! Go ‘Hawks.

That is all.