Monday, August 25, 2008

Monthly Post

I suck. I need to post more. Been busy and shit… anyways…

I am failing miserably in trying to teach my five year old son football. We recently picked up Madden 09 for the Wii and he and I were playing on the same team. I was the quarterback and he was the running back. He does ok with runs up the middle but anything to the outside he would turn around and run backwards.

With my patience wearing thin after another 40 yard loss and asked him why he kept running the wrong way. “They were chasing me daddy…”

I highly recommend Madden 09 for the Wii. They did a good job of incorporating the control movements to play the game. They also have an awesome "All Play" mode which tailors the game difficulty down to the players as you go along. Good stuff.

My new favorite shows are Dexter and Weeds, both on Showtime. You can catch the first few season of these on the Watch Now feature at There are also some episodes on

Dexter is based on a set of novels by Jeff Lindsay. It’s about a man who experienced and severely traumatic event as a child and grew up a serial killer. His foster dad recognized him for what he was at a young age so he instilled a strict moral code in the boy to focus his killing urges on other murderers. The show is awesome. Dexter cleans up the streets but chopping up murderers at night and is a blood splatter expert for the Miami police by day. I recommend watching it.

The novels are good but they are all in first person so you don’t get the added story lines and drama that you do in the series.

Weeds is an odd show about a widow forced to sell weed to make ends meet for her family. Obviously the occupation comes with all sorts of drama and the writers make it compelling.

I find it interesting that both shows are about someone who has to make a choice that on the outside looks horribly wrong but on the inside it’s really all they have. Kind of makes one view the world in a few more shades of grey.

Football is finally here, the Mariners just breathed a sigh of relief. Not that we gave a shit about them anyway…

Writing is cruising along, at least a few pages every day. The rewrite is going to be brutal but I like what I have so far. I visualize the day I register my script with the WGA and hamd it too a few choice people to read for the first time.