Monday, April 28, 2008

Throw it to first!

On Sunday my son had a T-Ball game down at the local high school. They played on the softball field which had the really nice artificial turf field, the kind they put in Qwest field. It was raining a bit so it was nice to be there and not some quagmire.

If you ever get a chance to take in a T-Ball game with four to six year old boys and girls hanging out, having fun, playing with their gloves and occasionally paying attention long enough to actually field the ball I would recommend it. Watching all the young minds trying to decipher the game with 20 parents and coaches screaming at them to throw here or run there is quite comical.

We are constantly telling the kids that if you get the ball throw it to first base to get the out. At one point the ball was hit right to the boy playing first base and he charged it, fielded it cleanly turned and through the ball to first base. I mean AT the first base, bouncing the ball off it. The kid did exactly what we asked, good boy!

My wife’s computer is finally on its last legs. So I did what every good husband should. I bought myself a new one and gave her mine…

It shipped today and I should have it assembled and running by the weekend. This is my first new computer in about three years so I am really excited.

Writing is going well. The story is moving forward and even though I am not going back to rewrite my previous pages as I need to keep pressing forward, I already have several notes for myself for changes. I am enjoying the process, much more fun this time around instead of feeling like a chore.

Seahawks had an interesting draft. The experts seem to be a bit down on our selections but I like the fact that the Seahawks look for quality PEOPLE, not quality players.


Friday, April 25, 2008

NFL Draft

Go Seahawks! Don't do anything retarded...


Get off your ass and play video games!

I cranked out about 10 pages of “Red Vector” in and around a busy week that included my son’s fifth birthday.

We got him a Wii, which was a bit hard to find as they are flying off the shelves. Thanks to a friend of mine we scored one and I couldn’t be happier.

The console is just awesome. The night he got it we played baseball, tennis and bowling together. We stood in the middle of the living room swinging wildly with the remotes in our hands. We both were winded and he was sweating by the time we quit. I truly believe this is the future of gaming. Actually having to get off our ass and play the game. I love it.

I got him Mario Galaxy and even at five years old he is able to play it and do very well. It’s also teaching him letters and numbers and to a small degree to read. I have to read him the text but he is starting to recognize some words which is really cool.

So I have to give the Wii huge thumbs up in terms of game play and family fun. Get one if you can, you won’t be disappointed.


Friday, April 18, 2008

Red Vector Update

April 18th and it is snowing where I work North of Seattle…

A quick update this afternoon. I busted out another six pages on my new screenplay tentatively called “Red Vector”.
This time around I took the time to really beat out the story and make sure I knew where I was starting and where I was ending. I left enough out to give myself room for creative thought during the writing process. So far it is a lot of fun and feels like I am writing downhill this time instead of battling to fill pages.

Holler at you later.


Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Have fun with your peoples!

I have no idea where my son got the saying, but every morning when he sees me out the door for work exclaims, “Have fun with your peoples!” It is a great way to start the work day.

I finished beating out my story yesterday. I was getting antsy because I wanted to start writing it ASAP. But I am getting know my writing self and knew that unless I had the story beat out I would flounder. I have about 40 pages of two unfinished scripts sitting in a folder. If I don’t have a decent notion of where I am headed I go off on tangents and find myself off the path of the story I wanted to tell.

For some this is a good thing however I need at least a framework in place to keep me focused and on task. So last night I added a few more lines to the beat sheet and knocked out five pages. It felt real good to be writing and for now I am happy with what I have so far.

I am struggling with a title for the new project. The story can be described as “No Escape” meets “Pigs in Space”….

OK I am kidding about the “Pigs in Space” but how many of you now have those Muppet segments in your head? “Piiiiigssss innnnn Spaaaaaaace?”

So it’s “No Escape” in space. My screenplay credits are piling up on TriggerStreet so I am excited to get a story done and uploaded.

“Plumber jailed for crack”


Monday, April 7, 2008

Sweat Circles

I took my family to the mall this weekend. Inevitably at some point my son will get tired and he will want to ride on Daddy’s shoulder. It’s one of the hallmarks of being a Dad to carry your son or daughter on your shoulders. To bear their weight, to watch the people passing you look up and smile at them and have them hold on to your face and in my case tug, rub and scratch my goatee until it’s painfully raw.

My son is tipping the scales at a healthy 47lbs these days so it’s a work out. When we got back to the car and got buckled in I was sweaty and a bit winded. He jumps in the back and buckles himself into his booster seat and declares, “Whew… all that walking really made me tired. I think I need a rest”.

I watched a Blades of Glory this weekend and followed along with my trustee Blake Snyder beat sheet. In my opinion an interesting way to study a film and still be able to enjoy it. The filmed followed the structure really closely. Although I liked the movie I thought some of the story points were weak and that the creative team could have done a better job with callbacks and tying up loose ends.

I would like to see Will Farrell in some more movies like Stranger than Fiction. I enjoyed that story and I think Will is a good actor. His comedy is getting a bit tired. Anchorman remains my favorite.

“Man jailed after punching a police horse in the ass.” I never have to brainstorm for story ideas. I just read


Friday, April 4, 2008

My Eyes are Bleeding

I’ve been reading spec scripts from lately. It’s a great way to learn and you need to prime your account with reviews before you can post your own work. I will be the first to admit I don’t know shit about shit when it comes to screenwriting but son of a bitch there are some brutally crappy scripts out there.

Simple grammar and spelling errors make me groan. Then I read an action block where the writer tells me the same information over and over, drilling it into my skull with a dull spoon.

Hey, hats off to them for finishing a script. Something I have yet to accomplish as of this posting. It takes a lot of work to complete and a lot of guts to post it on the internet so ass hats like me can rip it apart.

However, at least spare me the pain and bring you’re A game OK? The good news is when you read scripts you see what works and what doesn’t. Every now and then you get a good one that is enjoyable and you blaze right through it. The not so good ones feel like your trying to run in knee deep water.

I can only hope I am this objective on my own writing to recognize my screw ups.


Wednesday, April 2, 2008

The Horror

I am sitting at light yesterday when through my side view mirror a catch a glimpse of a fairly attractive blond sitting in a massive gray Ford 150. I can see her designer nails on the steering wheel from two cars down, we’re talking one of those high maintenance chicks.

I glance up to check the light and back over to the mirror to see, to my amusement, the lady has her $60 nail knuckle deep in her nose. Now I know objects in the mirror may appear closer than they are, but this bitch was strip mining.

Hey, who am I to judge right? So I shrug it off and laugh about it until I look back and the unthinkable happens. If I’m lying I’m dying and you can iron the wrinkles out of my nut sack, this chick ATE THE BOOGERS.

Like she was spooning Rocky Road out of her snot locker she was digging that shit out and going right to the mouth with it. Congratulations to whoever she’s banging, I doubt she brushes or flosses after the drive at five snacks.

A woman down in California needed her appendix removed but didn’t want the scares. So some doctors got together and decided to remove it, through her vagina. How awesome is that? I think more surgeries should be done through random orifices. Laser eye surgery through the ass, tummy tuck through my pee whole. Come on guys lets get crazy here.

Brainstorming a few more story points on my space adventure script, I’ve almost completed the beat sheet. The title sucks but like most of my ideas I will have an epiphany at some point and it will work.

My scribosphere mate Matt has taken down his blog shingle. I wish him the best.