Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Dear Santa...

I asked my son what he was going to ask Santa for this year. Pokemon and Bionacles topped the list. My wife then asked me what I was going to ask for. My five year old son pipes up and says, “Maybe you can get some new football players dad?” “What do you mean son?” I said quite confused. “The Seahawks are not good Dad. You should ask for a new football team”.

This is me asking Santa for a new football team.

You never really appreciate how retarded the English language is until you attempt to teach someone how to spell. I am positive that the letter “c” was inserted into the alphabet by the French just to piss us off. Does it make a KUH sound or an “ESS sound?” Nope, this time it’s silent.

Kick the damn letter “c” to the curb along with “ph”.

I am on the second draft of my current screenplay and breaking the story on my second idea. Things have been slow lately but should pick up again. Previously I was busy roaming the wasteland in Fallout 3 but now that is finished I have some more time on my hands.

Fallout 3 is a great game, very well done. I am considering picking up Dead Space but I am a jumpy fella by nature and I am worried that it will freak me out.

That is all.