Thursday, September 27, 2007

DVR/Tivo run down this week

I laughed my ass off. I came in knowing it was light hearted and riding on the coat tails of the current comic-superhero trend going on. I will be watching it again although Kevin Smith only directed the pilot so far as I know so we will see where this goes. I wonder if there was a run on Dirt Devil hand-held’s.

Once again, I laughed quite a bit. Being a software engineer by trade I got all of the jokes and enjoyed the set up. I like Adam Baldwin from his FireFly/Serenity days. I am excited to see where this goes. Gratuitous underwear scenes of the hot secret agent are worth at least another weeks worth of attention. I have yet to encounter a porn site that melts your computer. I wonder if Al Gore was the tech consultant.

The whole rehash of the cheerleader conflict was a huge let down for me. The Japanese hero being an Englishman was good. The rest of the story lines were ok. I am dying to know what Mommy Petrelli and Daddy Hero’s powers are. Parkman is my favorite story line. I want to see Noah wtf own some ass for the good guys this season.

This week’s episode was the first one in a long time that I have not laughed out loud. I feel like they are getting too dramatic for the shows premise. I like this show a lot and hope it stays strong but they will need to swing it back to the comedic side of things with deadly consequences. I think they made a mistake by weakening the sexual tension between Jack and Allison. But what the fuck do I know?

What’s Left?

Journeyman – Not sure about this one. Guy reminds me of Anthony Michael Hall for some reason.

The Unit – Dennis Haysbert is the shit and the rest of the cast and show are pretty damn good as well.

Haunted – Some Mathew Fox show on Sci-Fi I hadn’t seen or heard of. Fallen – Kind of a nut when it comes to guardian-fallen-death angels for reasons which will become apparently shortly…

And now I want to talk about Scrubs.

I hadn’t watched the show until recently when 80% of the Comcast cable line up syndicated it. I am fairly certain you can watch scrubs 24 hours a day if your channel surfing skills are above average.

It dragged me. I love the characters, the dialogue, the stories and it makes me laugh all the time. So for my 35th birthday my dear wife bought me the first season on DVD. I am almost done with all of the episodes and I will go back and watch the commentary on them as well.
It’s a great show and I recommend it to anyone who’s likes quirky comedy (give a shout out if you remember Herman’s Head!) with a lot of heart and great dialogue.

"I'm no Superman"