Monday, October 15, 2007

Sunday Night Meltdown

My good friend Achim calls me up around 3pm yesterday to tell me he scored some sweet tickets to the Sunday night game here in Seattle. We hustle down to the stadium and park it in the plush club level seats for a great game… Whatever.

The moment the ball rocketed through the punters leg and both teams proceeded to muff it all the way to the end zone I should have known we were in trouble.

To put in perspective I’ve been too two regular season games at Quest field. The first was last year; Seattle vs. Minnesota. Not only did we get our ass handed to us but we lost Hasselbeck for several weeks. What a shity day.

Last nights game managed to top that game on an unprecedented level of suckiness. The Seahawks are broke. Alexander is runs like my four year old son, the first time anyone gets near him he falls down and curls up into the fetal position. We showed brief flashes of promise but our O-line couldn’t run block for shit and our D-line looked like it was playing Red Rover with the Saints… and losing horribly.

Ah well. The club seats were awesome and Quest field is just a neat place to go and free tickets are always nice.

Writing is cruising. I feel the momentum really starting to roll. I am enjoying my story and getting 2-5 pages done a day. It feels great.



annabel said...

Two to five pages a day is where I should be! I am such a slacker. ;)