Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Band-Aid Sauce

My son came to me other night and requested a band-aid for a small cut underneath his pinky-toe. I of course referred him to his mother. As my dear wife was about to place the band-aid he stopped her. “No mommy, you forgot the band-aid sauce.”

I am in the other room and hear this statement so I poke my head in the room. “Did he just say band-aid sauce?”

With my wife and I puzzled about this mystery product my son hops off the desk and goes to the hall closet and grabs the tube of Neosporin.

“See Mommy, band-aid sauce.”

I will be telling this story to my grandchildren.

Writing is moving forward. Glacially but moving just the same. I’ve switched gears and working on my techie comedy.

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone! Best of luck to the WGA and AMPTP next Monday at the table.