Sunday, January 25, 2009

Conversations with my son....

A new series for my faithful readers which includes my wife and the two hack bots scanning my blog for emails.

Conversations with my son...

Back to School
Son: Where is Mommy?
Me: She is at school .(Regsitration but I didn't feel the need to make the distinction.)
Son: (Incredulous) School?
Me: Yes, she is going back to school.
Son: Why? (You learn to love this word as a parent.)
Me: It's like your Mario Galaxy game. Each level gets harder. As you gain more levels in school you get payed more (in theory).
Son: Can you pause it?
Me: Yes, Mommy paused it for 8 years.

The Great Avocado Debate
Mommy: I don't like them.
Son: Why? (Awesome.)
Mommy: I don't like the texture.
Son: Take the texture out (duh).

Son: Daddy, are you old?
Me: ....

Stay tuned!