Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Sophomore effort…

I have been a writing fool.

Finished my latest script I.F.O. (Identified Flying Object). I learned some things while cranking out my second script.

I was so excited about starting that I didn’t check my scene cards thoroughly. Each card is typically meant to go two pages. I had several that ended up being quick, half a page scenes. Consequently the first draft came in at 85 pages.

Those scene cards weren’t necessarily incorrect, I just need to make sure I know that these are short scenes and make sure I have enough material to come in around 100 pages.

I am modifying my process to include an edit and rewrite prior to putting the script away for a week or two. So I am going to do this for I.F.O. before going back to Air Bears.

I hope to have a link up for I.F.O. in the next month.

I have three candidates for The Film School short screenplay contest.

No Such Things - The struggle of a man destined to repeat history.

Heavy Soul – A Biohazard technician takes one last job to clean up the crime scene of the century, but does he have a solution for cleaning evil?

Solo – A Hiker discovers a vicious beast between him and a promise.

I will post links to the shorts after the contest.

That is all.