Wednesday, February 20, 2008

[Witty Title]

What a two weeks since my lost post….

I am on day three of my new job. So much to learn my head feels like mush. The people are nice and the projects are exciting. I’ve cut my one-way commute from 90 minutes down to 10 minutes. I have to time to hit the Y and work out. I am happy.

The writers strike seems to be over which is awesome. Here’s to everyone getting back to work and coming up with some great shows! Cheers!

Looks like Blu-Ray has come out on top over HD-DVD to win that war. I am so glad I waited until they sorted that shit out before buying any new DVD’s or a player. Somewhere in a secluded pawn shop a Betamax silently weeps…

I caught the last few episodes of Psych on TBS. That show is funny as hell. The season finale had me laughing out loud. I tried to watch Monk but that show is tired and I am still pissed at them for dropping the first blonde assistant. I don’t care for the new chick at all.

My four your old son is making his way through a PacMan adventure game on the original X-Box. When he gets stuck he comes and grabs me for help. Unfortunately I suck at arcade games. Here I am a grown man screaming at the TV cause I can’t make this double back flip jump twist or some shit and my son is calmly patting my on the arm saying “It’s ok daddy. Just try, try again”.

Aside from the fact that Lindsay has some nice Lohan’s I am not impressed with her comparing herself to Marilyn. To my knowledge Lindsay hasn’t porked a president or even been to the white house for that matter. Between her busy schedule of rehab and driving while under the influence I guess kudos to her for finding the time for a photo shoot.

When thing settle down with the new schedule I will work in a writing schedule. I am still holding myself to getting at least a first draft done by June. With all the major worries and issues solved for now I think I can devote some brain cycles.

Until next time…