Monday, June 16, 2008

Little Boys Day!

Sunday was a good day. I was awakened by my five year old son bearing gifts. He shoved them into my arms and hopped up on the bed barely missing my tender bits (shout out to Kung Fu Panda... awesome, go see it) and clapped excitedly.

His favorite thing to get these days is the “talking” card, the ones where you open them and they sing a song or play a recorded message. He gave me a superman card with a personal message telling me to have a good Fathers Day and enjoy my sandwich, which was apparently to come later.

I also got the fourth season of Scrubs and a baseball game for the Wii along with a lovely card from my wife!

So later on I am giving my son a shower and he says to me, “Dad, when is little boys day?” “Little boys day?” I replied. “Yeah Dad, I want what you got today, when is my day to get presents”.

It was a good day.

Saturday, as mentioned above, the family went to a 10 am showing of Kung Fu Panda. First of all 10 am is a great time to take the kids to a movie. It’s like a kindergarten in the theatre and its fun to hear the children laughing above the movie sound and the children crying, complaining, eating popcorn and what not. It was a good time and we all enjoyed the movie. I am a huge Jack Black fan and will definitely add his cover of “Kung Fu Fighting” to my iPod when I can.

Happy belated Fathers day to everyone out there in the scribosphere!

Note: I tried to air brush out the "Mariners are #1" foam finger and replace it with a fork cause they are seriously done for the year but I couldn't get it to look right. I apologize for the inconvenience.



Tyson Endecott said...

I have seen this photo before but I just noticed that behind you they were selling My Chemical Romance tickets. You should have been on that Jim what the heck bro.