Thursday, June 26, 2008

Precious Snowflakes

Reading this article is a dead on example of what’s fucking wrong with country. Let’s make sure everyone feels good about themselves. Lets not celebrate those who work their asses off and excel at something, oh no. Let’s push him back in line with the rest of the herd. And while were at it lets not give those who haven’t quite reached their potential a yard stick to measure themselves and give them something to strive for. Keep lowering that bar to the weakest link and in a hundred years we’ll all be fucking retarded.

Let’s dumb down the test in our school system so that everyone passes equally. Let’s accept personal finance as a math credits instead of Algebra so that your precious snowflake can graduate with everyone else. Never mind that when they get into the real world, try to get into college or get a real job they are fucked cause they can’t add.

Lets have a graduation ceremony for every fucking grade level up to middle school so we can tell these kids how fucking special they are. That way when they grow up and someone isn’t constantly hugging and telling them how great they are they can slip into depression, get all fucked up on whatever medication the ass hat pharmaceutical companies are peddling that decade and then shoot all their fucking coworkers when their shitty health insurance won’t cover the prescription anymore.

Next time you watch whatever biased, horseshit news channel you watch, and see how the other countries in this world are kicking our ass in education, scientific and technological progress think about how mediocrity is celebrated in this country.

If you have a child, nurture it. Teach them too always strive to better themselves and if they can, those around them. Teach it to do the best it can. And when someone lets them down, teach them that that person did the best they could.

Mediocrity is not ok. Making sure you think like everyone else is not ok. Strive to do better and part of that is finding a skill that you can do better than most others. This is what makes a great society.

And bring back the fucking all-star games you dumb asses.

On a personal note my son called Tacoma, Washington “Tacoland” this morning. See, he’s already making improvements.

Love and shit.



Tyson Endecott said...

Wow Jim that's a lot of feeling behind this post, I have to say that I agree with you and I think that any sane person would. I put a lot of blame on the government with how thing are ran in this country so that my opinion.