Monday, June 29, 2009

Just when you think you are doing something write...


Went to the ScriptShark seminar this weekend hosted by the Northwest Screenwriters guild here in Seattle. Had a great time, learned some good stuff and met some incredible people. Lee Zahavi-Jessup was great. Straight forward, no nonsense and honest answers.

Towards the end we broke into groups and gave two minute pitches of our current stories. I stumbled horribly through mine because I have no clue how to pitch shit at this point. When I was done one of the gentlemen in the group asked a simple plot question.


I just completely overlooked that element. It shatters the base of the story. But it was awesome. It’s exactly what I needed. Input from others. Especially others that are not necessarily into supernatural thrillers or sci-fi.

I really wish IQCrash hadn’t bagged his online writes group. I haven’t been able to find one where I am at. I have to start getting input from other people besides my wife (who I love and adore fiercely) and friends. Hopefully some of the contacts I make at the monthly guild meetings will produce something.

So with that I am shelving my current story until a get an idea of how to fix the issue. I tend to have my best moments in the shower or right when I wake up and can still remember my fucked up dreams. Something will whisper to me sooner or later. Until then it’s on to my spaceship in the clouds adventure!

That is all.


P.S. Yes I meant “write” in the title.