Monday, April 7, 2008

Sweat Circles

I took my family to the mall this weekend. Inevitably at some point my son will get tired and he will want to ride on Daddy’s shoulder. It’s one of the hallmarks of being a Dad to carry your son or daughter on your shoulders. To bear their weight, to watch the people passing you look up and smile at them and have them hold on to your face and in my case tug, rub and scratch my goatee until it’s painfully raw.

My son is tipping the scales at a healthy 47lbs these days so it’s a work out. When we got back to the car and got buckled in I was sweaty and a bit winded. He jumps in the back and buckles himself into his booster seat and declares, “Whew… all that walking really made me tired. I think I need a rest”.

I watched a Blades of Glory this weekend and followed along with my trustee Blake Snyder beat sheet. In my opinion an interesting way to study a film and still be able to enjoy it. The filmed followed the structure really closely. Although I liked the movie I thought some of the story points were weak and that the creative team could have done a better job with callbacks and tying up loose ends.

I would like to see Will Farrell in some more movies like Stranger than Fiction. I enjoyed that story and I think Will is a good actor. His comedy is getting a bit tired. Anchorman remains my favorite.

“Man jailed after punching a police horse in the ass.” I never have to brainstorm for story ideas. I just read