Monday, April 28, 2008

Throw it to first!

On Sunday my son had a T-Ball game down at the local high school. They played on the softball field which had the really nice artificial turf field, the kind they put in Qwest field. It was raining a bit so it was nice to be there and not some quagmire.

If you ever get a chance to take in a T-Ball game with four to six year old boys and girls hanging out, having fun, playing with their gloves and occasionally paying attention long enough to actually field the ball I would recommend it. Watching all the young minds trying to decipher the game with 20 parents and coaches screaming at them to throw here or run there is quite comical.

We are constantly telling the kids that if you get the ball throw it to first base to get the out. At one point the ball was hit right to the boy playing first base and he charged it, fielded it cleanly turned and through the ball to first base. I mean AT the first base, bouncing the ball off it. The kid did exactly what we asked, good boy!

My wife’s computer is finally on its last legs. So I did what every good husband should. I bought myself a new one and gave her mine…

It shipped today and I should have it assembled and running by the weekend. This is my first new computer in about three years so I am really excited.

Writing is going well. The story is moving forward and even though I am not going back to rewrite my previous pages as I need to keep pressing forward, I already have several notes for myself for changes. I am enjoying the process, much more fun this time around instead of feeling like a chore.

Seahawks had an interesting draft. The experts seem to be a bit down on our selections but I like the fact that the Seahawks look for quality PEOPLE, not quality players.