Friday, April 18, 2008

Red Vector Update

April 18th and it is snowing where I work North of Seattle…

A quick update this afternoon. I busted out another six pages on my new screenplay tentatively called “Red Vector”.
This time around I took the time to really beat out the story and make sure I knew where I was starting and where I was ending. I left enough out to give myself room for creative thought during the writing process. So far it is a lot of fun and feels like I am writing downhill this time instead of battling to fill pages.

Holler at you later.



Tyson Endecott said...

It's awesome how much work goes into writting and I am happy for you that it's going alittle easier for ya.

later T-money

Don Mathews said...

I saw your name on the Blake Snyder website and wanted to say Hi. I am about your age(a little older) and just started writing. I never really enjoyed writing in school but I am finding I like the process in screenwriting. Good Luck and maybe we'll talk later on down the road.

Jim Endecott said...

Hi Don!

Nice to meet you. Thanks for stopping by.

I guess I just enjoy being creative with really no boundries holding me back. It's a great release!

Good luck. Look forward to hearing from you.